Survey Instructions

Survey instructions🚲

Each recommendation is followed by an anonymous two-question survey asking you identify as a stakeholder with respect to short-format training (e.g., a learner, instructor) and to give your rating of:

Each survey question is independent so you may answer the survey question for as many or as few of the recommendations as you like.

Who should take this survey?🚲

Purpose of the survey🚲

The purpose of this survey is to get broad perspectives on 14 recommendations to improve short-format training in the life sciences. Feedback from the survey could help prioritize recommendations by various stakeholders.

Who is conducting this survey?🚲

This survey is being conducted by Jason Williams (williams @ of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory NY and Rochelle Tractenberg (rochelle.tractenberg @, and is sponsored by an award from the US National Science Foundation (NSF DRL#2027025).

Survey frequently-asked questions; policies🚲

Will I be compensated for, or benefit from, my participation?

There is no compensation for your participation in this survey. We do not anticipate benefits directly for participants, but we intend the survey to strengthen all short-format training and thereby, to ultimately benefit all participants.

What am I consenting to and are there any risks to my participation?

Participation in this survey is voluntary. We anticipate no risks to participants, and we assume no liability for your participation.

What is the privacy policy and how will the responses be used?

Responses will be collected anonymously. We ask that you do not provide any personal or identifying information in any free-response answer. Any such information will be removed from the collected data prior to analysis. Only fully de-identified data will be shared with the study statistician (Rochelle Tractenberg). Once you submit a response, that data will remain in the data file, even if you choose to withdraw from the survey.

How will results from this survey be shared?

By participating in this survey you are consenting to sharing of de-identified response data. The results of this survey (with all identifiable information removed) will be summarized to the community. We anticipate summarizing results in blog posts, peer-reviewed publications, and elsewhere. All data will be made available under a CC-By Attribution 4.0 International license through the Open Science Framework, and in other formats under the same license. We have obtained an IRB Institutional Review Board exemption from Georgetown University (IRB00019291). If you have any concerns about this study, contact Rochelle Tractenberg ( or the Georgetown IRB (